Aero Careers is launched.

Welcome to the Aero Careers website.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the family run website. The aim of the site is to bring together jobs and an angle on aviation recruitment that you won’t find on other sites. In our jobs list you will find a sortable list of major job roles in aviation and a more in depth search for your perfect next job. On the ‘Recruitment Pulse‘ page you will find information to help both the employer and the jobseeker smooth their way through the cyclical nature of the aviation industry.

Founded by Stuart Redman Lusher in 2016 upon a fascination with general aviation, and later aviation recruitment. From a young age, this led to him becoming an ordnance survey pilot, flight instructor, charter pilot and flight calibration pilot working in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Portugal and the Middle East. Stuart also dabbled with the airlines, passing full selection for BMI Regional in 2008 for the Embraer 135/145 and this is where the facination with aviation recruitment and all its processes came from. Stuart has a 2nd career and is very well know in the music industry as a founding company director and board member of Rock Choir Ltd where he was instrumental in building that company from 1-100 staff. He now gives his flying time and expertise over to Flight Calibration Services and Aerobility – the British Disabled Flying Association when he is not running

Stuart runs the website with the invaluable support and work of his web developer brother Matthew and sister Unity who looks after much of the content and jobs we bring you.

We hope you find the site useful and that it helps you again and again on your own aviation journey.


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