Job Description


Responsible to ensure landscape maintenance works being carried out systematically in a professional horticulture manner as to meet the concept and objective of KL International Airport (KLIA) `Airport in the forest, forest in the airport.



  • Lead and manage Landscape management at landside area, KLIA including:
  •  Prepare monthly reports and statistics regarding operations, contracts and facilities
  • Assist procurement and contract division to prepare a contract document for landscape maintenance services at KLIA landside area.
  • Provide a proposal to improve and enhance the standard of landscape at KLIA ambience.
  • Supervise and evaluate day to day landscape contractor performance both landside and airside area as per scope of contract work.
  • Initiate a periodical coordination meeting with the contractor, local authority and government agencies which is involve direct to the landscape maintenance and supervision at KLIA. i.e Majlis Daerah Sepang (MDS), Road Care- JKR’s contractor and MAAH – Landscape contractor.  
  • Assist Landside Manager to certify monthly landscape maintenance works payment. Such as percentage of payment proportionate to the contractor’s monthly performance report
  • Plan, coach and appraise Landscape Officer and Assistant for optimum performance. 
  • Work closely with MAAH to maintain and develop landscape area
  • Represent Landside manager to attend external meetings as well as internal meeting when it is required
  •  Coordinate with Procurement on contract matters such as terms and conditions, payments and deductions, etc
  • Report to Landside Manager on the overall status of the contractor constantly
  • To conduct site inspection with landscape contractors/ external & internal stakeholders periodically
  • Lead and manage administration for landside operations unit including:             
  • preparation of budget proposal
  • Managed Landside Operations resources (Asset purchasing, budget consumptions updates & etc..)     
  • Preparation of project proposal/ board paper (BPC, MPC)
  • Incharged for CAPEX/ special project
  • Identify, plan and programmed a relevant courses or training that suit to the requirement of Landside Operations staff
  • Responsible on overall landside operations staff welfare, general supplies & manpower planning
  • Assist Manager on formulating the Landside and Landscape SOP
  • Lead and manage Landside Operations Integrated Management System (IMS representative) including:
    • Internal auditor for MA (Sepang)
    • Updating IMS documentations for Landside Operations unit
    • To plan IMS OTP for Landside Operations unit
    • To monitor departmental objective
    • To prepare MRM slide yearly
    • To ensure any NCR/OFI issued are closed

Key Challenges


  • To ensure landscape management at KLIA are being carried out systematically and effectively by the contractor and compliance with contract and other requirement.
  • To plan and ensure Landside Operations administration & resources are being carried out effectively
  • To ensure departmental's activities are being conducted inline with IMS requirement

Working Relationship




  • AOCC
  • MA (Sepang) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Reporting
  • MAAH
  • MAAH (Landscape Contractor)
  • Coordinate on landscape maintenance and other issues
  • JKR & JKR contractors
  • Govt. Agencies
  • Coordinate on road maintenance and landscape issues
  • Govt. Agencies
  • Coordinate on public transport issues & enforcement
  • MPS
  • Govt. Agencies
  • Coordinate on illegal hawkers, illegal banners & advertisements
  • ALM / MIJ
  • Taxi Associations
  • Coordinate on public transport issues
  • Finance division, MA Properties, procument & contract division
  • MAHB
  • Coordinate on contract preparation and landscape monthly payment
  • Other internal units (Terminal, Engineering, Carpark Management)
  • MA (Sepang) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Coordinate on landscape maintenance



(E.g: Revenue/ Cost/ No of Surbodinate/ No of Project/ EBITDA)


  • Staff
  • 6
  • OPEX
  • 4-5 million per year
  • Yearly CAPEX project/ Landscape enhancement project
  • 4-5 project per year



Change and Innovate – Continuous Improvement

Courage to Excel – Courage

Change and Innovate – Innovation

Courage to Excel – Work Standards

Commit to Win – Business Acumen

Courage to Excel – Managing Work

Coach and Nurture Talent – Continuous Learning

Communicate and Collaborate – Communication

Communicate and Collaborate – Collaborating

Customer Centric – Customer Orientation



  • Good management and coordination skills

Relevant Industries


  • Degree holder with minumum 3 years relevant working experience
  • Diploma holder with minumum 5 years relevant working experience
  • Certificate holder with minumum 7 years relevant working experience
  • SPM holder with minimum 7 years relevant working experience


  • Degree holder with minumum 3 years relevant working experience    



  • Degree in any discipline


  • Degree in any discipline, preferably in Horticulture or Landscape Architecture
  • Minimum CGPA 3.0