Air Japan operates a fleet of passenger B787s which operate within Asia to China, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore and Honolulu with more destinations planned.

These contracts are for 5 years in length with an operating base of Narita, Japan and are available to type rated and non-type rated pilots with jet experience.

Importantly for First Officers, Air Japan is one of the very few contract airlines that offers command upgrades to their First Officers.

An excellent commuting package is offered with a block of 10 days off per month as a contractual minimum. Additionally, current policy is to allow 2 extra days for commuting, and the possibility exists to add 2 vacation days giving a total of 14 days off as a block.

Air Japan also provides $2000 USD per month to assist with commuting to Tokyo, whilst also offering staff travel on Star Alliance partner airlines.

Air Japan are interviewing now so contact us if you need more information, or would like to discuss any aspect of this position.

If you wish, Longreach can arrange for one of our pilot consultants to contact you so you can talk at length, and in depth, about this position. No other recruitment company has pilots talking to pilots, giving an honest pilot’s perspective.

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Benefits of Air Japan

The following table shows the pay rates at Air Japan.
All amounts are US Dollars.

Salary & Benefits: Air Japan First Officers

All Amounts
$US per month
Other Pmts &
Total USD
per month
Trainee $7212 $0 $7212
1st Year $7212 $4076 $11288
2nd Year $8288 $4162 $12450
3rd Year $8574 $4253 $12827
4th year $8741 $4436 $13177
5th Year $8935 $4628 $13563
Contract Completion
$18,000 at end of contract for 5 years continuous service

  • Up to 14 days off per month
  • Contract completion bonus $18,000 based on 5 years service
  • 24 vacation days per year
  • Sick leave accrues at 1 day/2 months (max 12 days)
  • Worldwide medical insurance provided for pilot and family. This includes health insurance in the US for US citizens.
  • Staff travel benefits on Star Alliance
  • 5 year contract with extensions to age 65

Minimum Requirements

  1. 3,000 hours Total Flight Experience
  2. Any jet rating
  3. 500 hours Commercial Jet Experience
  4. Military experience acceptable
  5. PIC requirements:
    • 250+ hours PIC, or
    • 70+ hours PIC and 180+ hours PICUS, or
    • 500+ hours PICUS
  6. 100 hours PIC Cross Country
  7. 200 hours Cross Country
  8. 100 hours Night Flight
  9. 75 hours Instrument Flight
  10. Valid ICAO ATPL or FAA ATP
    • (Frozen ATPL’s not accepted)
  11. Valid ICAO Jet Aircraft Type Rating
    • (SIC/Co-Pilot Jet Ratings not accepted)
  12. Valid ICAO Command Instrument Rating
  13. Valid ICAO Class 1 Medical Certificate
  14. ICAO Level 4 English or higher
  15. Have held a Radio Operators Certificate for >2 years

Application Procedure

Firstly, please make sure you have registered with Longreach Aviation.

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The application for Air Japan requires the submission of the following documents:

  1. Application Form 
  2. Letter of Appointment,
  3. Completed Aeronautical Experience form, plus
  4. Scanned copies of the following personal documents: 
  • ATPL
  • Medical Certificate
  • Photo ID page of Passport
  • Last 6 left and right pages of logbook (that means 12 scanned pages in total)
  • Letter of verification of hours from your current employer, or authority

To obtain the application package, including sample documents, please email Brett Tuohy.

Please ensure that all the documents are completed and attached when you return your application form to us.

Longreach Aviation will assist you in the completion of the documentation if required.

Please Note:

Completion of the Aeronautical Experience form can be difficult, especially as much of the information required generally occurred during your early flying career. However, if you follow the instructions carefully that can often assist in making the process easier.

If you have any difficulty in understanding what is being asked, then please contact us recruitment@longreachaviation.com and we will have a consultant contact you to assist where necessary.

Completed applications are to be sent to: applications@longreachaviation.com