Fake jobs in India revealed using our Aero Careers branding

A recruiter working in India has been uncovered advertising fake jobs in our name and with our logo. I’m horrified and I apologise to anyone who has been caught up in this.

I have identified job offers that appear to come from us for SpiceJet and Indigo. I have included a few scanned examples of the fakes to go with this article. If you are currently dealing with anyone called Ms. Anushaya or Ms. Priyanka (or anyone else sending job offer letters) carrying the Aero Careers logo please stop dealing with them and definitely do not pay them any money under any circumstances. These people are pretending to be recruit using Aero Careers branding and are pretending to offer a jobs at Indian Aviaton companies including  SpiceJet, Indigo and possibly more.

Aerocareers.co.uk has no staff or team members in India or anywhere in Asia.

Below is an example of the sort of letter that is being sent out using our branding. It is not from aerocareers.co.uk and is not offering a real job. It is a fake.

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For clarity, aerocareers.co.uk is not a recruitment consultant in the way these letters have been presenting us. We are a UK based website for finding and posting jobs from all over the world – that’s it. We do not make offers of employment on behalf of any employers and do not send out offer letters.

Stuart (founder of aerocareers.co.uk)


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