This table is designed to help you narrow down where to send your CV if you are spreading your job hunting beyond the job ads listed on Aero Careers.

For example, you can use the recruitment minimum requirements listed to make sure you are targeting the companies correctly and not wasting your own time.
CompanyType of hours acceptedUsual Type Rating bond valueBond taken from Salary?Method of applicationLast Update
Qatar AirwaysJet time only$50,000NoDirect - http://qatarairways.com05/06/2017
EasyjetJet time, Tprop, MEP, SEP£39,950YesL305/06/2017
BlinkJet time, Tprop, MEP, SEP£18,000Self fundDirect - http://flyblink.com05/06/2017
GamaJet time, Tprop, MEP£12,000Self fundDirect05/06/2017
Flight Calibration Services LimitedJet time, Tprop, MEP, SEP£0 for First Officers
£4000 and 1 year max for Captains
Synergy AviationJet time, Tprop, MEP, SEP£11,500YesDirect28/02/2019
RyanairJet time, Tprop, MEP, SEP£5,000Self fundDirect28/02/2019
Air FranceDirect - French Speakers only28/02/2019

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