Has this become the best job in PPL flight instruction?

Teaching for the issue of the PPL is seen as a great way to gain the hours and experience needed to move on to something bigger and more advanced but it need not be the stopgap it is often viewed. If you are going the PPL instructor route in your career you must put Aerobility, the former Disabled Flying Association, on your list to apply to.

Why? Well, the number one reason for you is the excellent pay and lifestyle. Simple. For full time there is the best PPL day rate available anywhere in Europe and an additional £20 per hour flight pay on top. Ground school and sim comes in at a hefty £21 per hour too.

Mike Owen, Aerobility CFIHowever, It is actually once you look past the pay that the real charm and reason to commit your CV and yourself to Aerobility and PPL instruction dedicated to disabled flying become clear. The charity has a mission and a need to provide access to flying for the whole spectrum of disability and this means that opportunities for you as a flying instructor are many……very many.

For instance, as an Aerobility flying instructor no two days are the same and as of June 2017, the charity has 3 different aircraft types based at its Blackbushe base, a Tecnam PJ2002, 2 Pa28-161’s and a Pa32-260 and they are all in constant use on instructed flights. For your days on the ground at Aerobility you will be taking your sim sessions in the recently delivered and installed Pa28 simulator….. with full glass Garmin G1000! The lesson slots also tend to be longer than most traditional PPL schools to accommodate the needs of each disabled flyer and this lessens the pressure of the next student looming over your lesson. Instructors regularly get 3 to 6 flights in a day just like a busy commercial school teaching early PPL lessons to CPL students like Aeros at Gloucester or Booker Aviation.

Industry Links.

There is also daily exposure to whole aviation industry that comes from Aerobility being attached to some of the biggest names in aviation. British Airways run regular full flight simulator experiences for the disabled flyers at Heathrow on the A320 FFS and then there are the visits to the Blades at Sywell who along with, NATS, GASCO, CTC, Easyjet and many more, sponsor and support the charities life changing work. Quick fact, one of the charitys’ patrons? – Buzz Aldrin!

Bringing access to flying to the 10% of the UK population that have a registered disability obviously requires the charity to stretch out from its Blackbushe HQ. There’s a base at Tatenhill in the West Midlands and the charity is licensed to instruct from more bases than most in PPL flying. Each year the charity has regular days away from base that include you as an instructor at most of the UK’s big GA events. There are trips for days of trial flights to Liverpool, Cambridge and further airfield as the ‘Handiflight’ event in Gruyere, Switzerland and the ‘Special Day of Flying’ at Weston airfield, the GA hub near Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. These trips happen on a yearly basis and gain you new experience, more airfields in your logbook and you get to see the world from 3,000 ft rather than a more typical 30,000 ft with the airlines! This is particularly true on the Aerobility touring group which is very active. 6 planned flights a year is common commencing in April each year and they always need 1 or 2 instructors for each trip. This year just one of their flights to Europe is a ‘Dambusters’ trip to fly the Mohner dam in Germany. Incredible.

Mike Miller-Smith. Mike is the CEO of Aerobility, responsible for growing the charity!

Aerobility has grown from very modest begins at Lasham airfield over the last 15 years culminating in it evolving and innovating to the point where it is the goto force in disabled aviation in the disabled flying niche it forged itself. What’s next for the charity and its instructors? There’s now hushed talk of creating Aerobility bases overseas and one can only imagine what that would mean for its PPL instructors.

Aerobility are looking for a full time flying instructor for their Blackbushe base. Email the Chief Flying Instructor Mike Owen on mikeowen@aerobility.com with your CV or you can check out the full job ad here.

To find out more about the work of Aerobility visit http://aerobility.com.

This article originally appeared at http://aerocareers.co.uk/aerobility-flight-instructor-job

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